Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of SimonHowden/

Image courtesy of SimonHowden/

Sometimes, you just want to cry. But, the particular moment might not be the best. Perhaps your children need you, or your spouse is dealing with a difficult problem of his or her own. Maybe you’re at work, and the environment leaves you exposed and feeling terribly vulnerable. Or, maybe you’re driving, cooking, cleaning, or shopping – and you don’t think you can let go of your grief just then…but you oh, so very much, want to.

Our inner strength is one of our finest assets. It enables us to face the terrible health and other challenges that pepper our lives with courage and move along even as we carry our burdens. But, we need not equate “inner strength” with “I cannot cry.” In fact, tears are a gift from God, and one of the blessings that allows us to express the inexpressible, bear the unbearable.

If today you feel a need to cry, know that it is all right. Moreover, you are not alone. Many of us at this very moment also feel like crying. As you assure yourself, find a way that you can step back from where you are, even for a few moments. Go to a safe, quiet, alone place. Allow God to wrap His arms around you. Allow tears to flow – cleansing you. Then, dry your eyes and move back into your world, allowing yourself to feel renewal and not embarrassment.

It’s all right – God loves you so very much!


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