Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

pic for website 2012As a musician, I appreciate really good harmony. When several pitches combine to create a full, complex sound, melody is transformed into something even more beautiful, and I just have to sit back, listen, and enjoy.

Our lives with chronic illness can find such a relaxing, de-stressing harmony, too. It requires a little effort in the beginning, but as we practice our pitches, we can enjoy a better outcome.

I “harmonize” in several ways. First, I manage my many medical professionals’ communication so each doc is on the same page as the other. Lab results, tests, appointments – I communicate and schedule these so that I’m eliminating as much unnecessary redo and back-and-forth as possible.

I harmonize my day, too, scheduling in my personal, daily “calendar” when I have to take what med or when I need to do what exercise so that I get everything in and lessen the fretting over, “Did I take this med?” or “Will I have time to exercise?”

Harmony in life involves times of socializing, but also profound quiet. We need time to think through the events and people we encounter each day, and if we’re flitting from one to the other without allowing ourselves retrospection, we soon become bottled up with layers of things we haven’t even begun to understand profoundly. So, for our health, time for prayer and meditation is key.

My African violets help me harmonize myself with nature; each morning, there’s always something new – a leaf, a flower, a gentle tilting toward the sun. These observations, and the care I give the plants, help me remember that even if I cannot go out in the sun, I can still participate in God’s creation on a broader scale than just tending to my health concerns.

One of the most exciting things about being a musician is the new work that is constantly emerging, or the songs and other pieces that are not so new, but that I have not yet discovered. These bring even more depth to my days – and more harmony to my life.

When we’re angry, upset, frustrated, or diving deep into darkness, we lose the benefit of beautiful harmony in health and in life. But as we recognize the many ways we are in tune with the world, nature, music, ourselves, others, and God, we are blessed with songs that will never fade!



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