Image courtesy of ArvindBalaraman/
Image courtesy of ArvindBalaraman/

I asked my eye doc if she was going on vacation this summer. She said she couldn’t, but she’d live vicariously through her patients who could.

This got me to thinking about  how, if we’re too sick to travel, or don’t have the time or money to go on a real vacation, we might fashion one of our own – right at home. More than a “stay-cation,” we could create an environment where we’re enjoying some of the benefits of beach, mountains, sun or sand, but not physically going through the rigors of travel, with all of its intended or unintended hassles.

Right now, for example, I’m playing a CD of Hawaiian music, enjoying the different sounds that evoke those beautiful islands far away. Sipping a fruity beverage can enhance this feeling, as can gentle movement to the music.

If island vacations aren’t your preference, what about mindful meditation that takes you to the slope of a lush mountainside, or the banks of a skippingly cheerful forest river? Or, the mental stimulation you can achieve by diving full-on into historic places, letting yourself mentally walk the road trodden by Christ, paint the chapel ceiling like Michaelangelo, or even take the adventuresome sea voyage of a Cousteau or Vikings from time long ago.

My doctor’s comment about living vicarious through her patients is another option – if you have friends who are going on vacation, invite them to give details, with images from pictures of vidoes, or their time away.

Above all, what we who are home-bound do not want to fall into is the envy trap; getting wrapped up in the, “Poor me, I can’t go anywhere or do anything this summer.”

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