Seems like each day, one or more of my apps or computer programs has to be updated. And, sometimes, a single app or program updates more than once. Of course, most times, it’s important to keep these tools updated, but it can become frustrating, especially if you’re getting ready to close down all the electronic devices, but cannot because of, yes, more updates!

Having so much updating going on around me has made me think of how well I keep current on other matters, especially when it comes to my chronic illnesses. New developments, new knowledge, new approaches to old problems – sometimes there’s nothing “cutting edge,” but sometimes there is – it never hurts to ask my doctors for the latest, especially if I’m having problems with the status quo. And it also is helpful before my next appointments to talk with friends dealing with similar health challenges. Sometimes they have tips and tricks that they’ve learned, and I can add these to my list of questions for my docs (I always recommend asking treating physicians first before trying anything new). Sometimes, too, there are new books or articles and studies that can be interesting and, possibly, lead to a new approach (but, again, I always run these things by my docs first).

We’re in the midst of spring and spring cleaning. If you feel a bit stale when it comes to your approach to life with your illness, next time you visit with your doctor, ask if there’s anything new. Sometimes, just the question can lead to a bit of fresh air!




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