Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Photo courtesy of Gualberto107/

Photo courtesy of Gualberto107/

Laundry, dishes, fixing a meal, brushing our teeth – these are “usual” parts of our day that we probably don’t give much thought to. Mundane things – and often, they are activities that we try to hurry through so that we can move on to something more memorable or enjoyable. But, wait…

If God has given us our lives and the ability to do many things in and with them, including the “mundane” actions we often take for granted, then what better time and place for prayer than to engage in converation wtih God while we do these very same things? After all, God is with us at all times in all places, even in the laundry room, kitchen, car, or basement!

Add prayer to a “mundane” activity today – acknowledge God’s presence there and then, and make mundane memorable.



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