Image Courtesy of Janes Barker/
Image Courtesy of Janes Barker/

Today’s a great day to encourage yourself and others…just because.

So often, we wait to express our appreciation, admiration, or pleasure to someone else. It might be a spouse who lives alongside of us, or it might be someone we don’t see, but hear at the end of the telephone during our daily business interactions. We might be in a bad flare, and not able to think or do much beyond “getting through the day,” so encouraging ourselves seems a far-off ability. We might be so busy that we don’t think beyond the surface of everyone we meet or interact with.

Oh, yes, we remember those “days to commemorate,” that is, the birthdays or anniversaries marked on our calendar. We will drop everything and pick up the telephone if we hear of someone’s accident, loss, or diagnosis of a serious illness.

But, sometimes, it is good to take time to say, “I appreciate you,” or “I’m going to encourage myself,” …yes, just because. Moreover, it can make the rest of the day seem more special and more enlivened.

So, today, reach out. Cheer on. Appreciate.

Just because!



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