Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Maureen Pratt Picture 1Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I hope that, if you celebrate today, you will have a fond and festive time.

Any kind of holiday centered on a particular race or ethnicity makes me think of what makes us us. I also think about this when I hear of genetic studies and how scientists are trying to identify genes or traits that can indicate what characteristics we might have, or what illnesses we might be prone to get. Of course, we do inherit certain things from our forebears. A laugh. A lisp. Blue eyes. Bald head. It makes me smile when new parents coo over their newborn child, trying to figure out whose nose he has, or whose tiny hands she inherited.

But, really, we are us beyond our genetics or inherited habits – and therein lies the mystery of being human.

God calls us each by our unique name. He knew us before we were born. We’re not cookie-cutter clones of those who went before us. Nor are we meant to walk down the path chiseled into the landscape by generations prior to ours.

We bring individual gifts, our unique heart and soul.

I’m honored that I have some traits of some of the people in my family. But I also an honored that God has given me this life, to be his child.

If you’re Irish today, well so am I, and again, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! But that’s not all about us – we’re much more than any label could convey!

Yes, we are each unique. And loved by God in our own name.



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