Maureen Pratt Author PicPerhaps you’re tired. Bone-weary. Angry. Deeply torn. Spiritually dry.

Perhaps it’s taken a long time to admit it, but now you do.

You don’t feel like praying.

Are you a bad person? Sinning for saying it? Hopelessly lost?

Not at all. God still and always will love you, and He knows how deeply you are hurting, torn, arid like the proverbial desert.

So, if you don’t feel like talking today, or any time, that’s all right, because God will still talk to you. And He’ll bring you His comfort and peace, His love and grace.

God is that friend who is a friend even when you don’t feel like saying anything. Just sitting. Relaxing.

In His presence, in the stillness, God speaks to you.



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