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Image courtesy of worradmu/

Image courtesy of worradmu/

Oh, wow, what a wonderful movie is “Song of the Sea!” The story, animation,acting, and music all combine to make a beautiful and moving story lyrically laced with Irish folklore and touchingly told in a familiar familial way.

I really enjoy animated movies, but I know many adults shy away from them, especially if they don’t have children to take “as an excuse.” But in recent years, the quality of animated movies has soared along with the storytelling, and as with “Song of the Sea,” adults as well as children will find it captivating and moving well beyond the ending credits.

There was a mother with her young son in the theater the day I saw the movie, which is full-length (about an hour twenty minutes). The boy, who I later learned was 3 years old, sat, transfixed, throughout the entire film! Nary a peep!

Afterward, the mother said that it was her son’s first movie, and he’d asked her if they could now watch it at home, too! What a great introduction to film – and what a testament to the movie itself that it could hold a toddler’s attention for more than an hour!

If you like animated films, this one is a must. If you don’t, if you think that animated films are only for children, please reconsider. Give this one a try. let the music wash over you, and the adventure that unfolds be your adventure, too.

It never hurts to revisit the child within us. In fact, it can be that refreshing breath of air that rekindles a wonder, joy, and newness to all other aspects of our lives!

Blessings of joy and peace,


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