Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of prozac1/

Image courtesy of prozac1/

As I write this, a light breeze is tickling the fronds of the palm trees outside my window. The sun is shining – a bright spot after some gentle rain last night. It’s warm enough for a walk later today. And, yet,

I know many of you are house-bound and looking out at piles of snow and biting wind. Drifts several feet high cover the sidewalks and roads. Chill. It’s very chill. I remember those days of snowstorms, having lived many years in places where they occur. And I know the stir-crazy feeling after the awe of God’s nature wears thin. Even a large home seems cramped, with too many people underfoot, after a day or so of forced confinement.

Today, if you are feeling antsy, edgy or frustrated from wild weather, take heart! Many of us long for days when there’s nothing to do but nothing! Use your time playfully. Perhaps doodling, singing, dancing, or even writing. Let your creativity loose! And who knows, the seeds from that creative spark  just might melt away your frustration and replace it with something that will become even more wonderful as the days grow warmer.

Blessings of joy and peace,


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