Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of graur codrin/

Image courtesy of graur codrin/

Many chronic illnesses impose restrictions on our ability to move about freely in the world “at large.” Whether because of mobility issues, sight or hearing problems, or, as in my case, immunosuppressive drugs and their effect on the propensity to get sick, sometimes we just have to “stay put.”

But, that doesn’t mean we’re not aware, nor does it mean that we should crawl into our proverbial hole and not care about the world outside.

I like to use my “inside” time to learn, reflect, and pray about things happening in distant places – even as distant as across the globe. I like to pray for people I don’t know, remembering them as “those who are suffering” or “those who are oppressed.” It doesn’t matter if I’ve never met them. I pray for them anyway. I also pray especially for others like myself who cannot venture out and who instead are hampered by physical or emotional constraints. How I understand! How I pray!

Praying for others, especially if I’m feeling left out of the enjoyable things outside my door, helps me shift the focus off of myself and what I cannot do to others who need more attention and intercession.

In prayer, we talk with God. In praying for others, we are carrying out an active, vibrant ministry, a calling, that transcends any health challenges that keep us from leaving our home base.

How amazing is that!

Joy and peace,



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