Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Maureen Pratt Author PicSometimes, pain becomes so overwhelming that it closes out every ounce of strength and light that we might once have felt. And, into their place, there is a void. A void of light. A void of will. A void of hope. The pain can suffocate and keep us down. Yes, it can prevent us from physically moving freely. But more importantly, it can keep our minds and spirits from moving ahead and away. It can keep us from keeping our void stocked with things to help us cling to the very hope and will and light that the pain is driving away.

I’ve known this kind of pain more than once, and understand how devastating it can be. I’ve even felt it try to tug me deeper, but, praise God, I was able to resist enough to refuse its encroachment further. It was a hard-fought battle, but in the little victory when “I resist” became true steadfastness, little by little, the power of the pain receded, and the voids it created could once again be freshly filled.

My resistance took several forms. First, heartfelt declaration, a loud, “No! I will not give in another inch.” Then, a conscious turning from anger at the pain to solace for my body and spirit, understanding the suffering and inviting God’s comfort. Of course, I worked with my doctors during this time, something that is vital where a medical condition is concerned. But I also turned to friends, loved ones, and accepted their encouragement and help. Sometimes, we think we’re absolutely alone. But we never really are.

Turning to a beloved activity, even for a brief moment, can bring some hope. Reflecting on a favorite piece of music or book, Scripture passage or comic, can also help turn focus from what hurts to what helps.

We can allow the voids in our lives to be filled with darkness or light, frustration or fight. It is a beautiful thing, this choice we have! And I try to make positive use out of it each day,

Joy and peace,


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