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Photo courtesy of posterize/

I’m fascinated by how, after Jesus was crucified, died, and rose from the dead, those devoted to Jesus did not scatter like cowards, fearing they would be next to die on the cross. Rather, they gathered in an “upper room” and received the Holy Spirit! From there, then, they went forth, communicating in ways that had before been utterly foreign to them. And, spreading the Gospel, they changed the world (though not without pain and personal sacrifice).

It’s a powerful lesson for anyone, but especially for those of us with chronic illness. If you read the first couple of chapters of Acts of the Apostles superficially, it seems “natural” that all those men and women, followers of Christ, would naturally continue His ministry.

But then, consider the time, the political climate, the personal tragedy they had each witnessed – the brutal death of their friend and, in Mary’s case, son. It’s a wonder they didn’t scatter, hide, “take a time out,” or otherwise give up!

Praise God, they didn’t!

Faced even with tremendous obstacles, each was given the gift of the Holy Spirit, speaking in foreign languages, filled with determination and that “strong driving wind” (Acts 2:2) of purpose beyond suffering.

As we begin a new year, and probably face serious health obstacles, let’s keep in mind those first people who rose above their troubles, fears, and disadvantages – and changed the world! Pray for the profound gift of the Holy Spirit, and delight in where it takes you!

Blessings for the New Year,


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