Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

CrecheforblogPine needles are scattered down the hallway, a stray ornament has rolled under a living room table. The manger scene will remain on my piano through Epiphany and then it, too, will be stowed away until next/this Christmas. The time has passed fluidly, one holiday day to the next.

But, oh, not so much the physical wear and tear! No, holidays on top of “regular” days of illness and chronic pain do take their toll. And, as the decorations are put back into their boxes, there’s a lot of protesting from back, legs, shoulders, and elsewhere!

Unlike in years past, I have been in no real hurry to pick up the pieces after the holidays. I’m trying to take my own advice – one box, one ornament at a time. All will be taken care of, just not perhaps as swiftly as others might be able to accomplish.

Even if you have lots still to do to put away the holidays, do take time to relax, remember fondly, let your body ease back into the New Year and those decorations ease back into their hiding places.

Yes, it’s TLC Tuesday once again – Encourage yourself to take it easy!



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