Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

pic for website 2012As we get back into our regular routines in the new year, I’m thinking of how I will incorporate more prayer into my days. If I look at some of the blocks on my calendar, full of doctor’s visits and other appointments, I might be inclined to think that I’ll have to wait until I have more quality, spare moments in which to talk to God.

But in the Spirit of prayer, and especially as I look at an already busy year, a question nudges out the  “noise” of appointments:

Why not now?

It’s a powerfully simple question, but one with great implications. Why now, indeed, pray in traffic (we probably do this, already!), in line at the store, as we fold laundry, feed the cat, brush our teeth?

Yes, why not pray now?

That’s the spirit!

Blessings for today – and this brand new year!


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