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Image courtesy of artur84/

If medical expenses and life in general is sapping your ability to be a major gift-giver, take heart – and give it back! Yes, it isn’t too late to lavish your family and friends, and even members of your medical team, with gifts. How?

One of the best gifts I’ve ever given (for me to give and others to receive) was to each member of a church choir that I conducted several years ago. On a festively-colored piece of paper that I rolled up and tied with a ribbon, I hand-wrote my thanks to them for all their service, fellowship and friendship throughout the year. I also added a few lines about what it was about each of them that made them so very special to the choir and to me. The hours I spent doing this helped me focus on the human gifts that God bestows and the appreciation we often forget to express in the busy-ness of our lives.

Just a suggestion for you. If you are cash-strapped and unable to buy and give, think about expressing your love and thanks to those close to you. Write it up, wrap it up, and give it as a precious gift you eagerly extend.

That’s exactly what it is!

Joy and peace,


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