Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

Image courtesy of nuchylee/

Image courtesy of nuchylee/

When we enter a darkened room, what do we do? Turn on a light. There’s an often complicated set of actions that takes place “behind the scenes” that we probably don’t think about – switches and wiring and lamps and bulbs. The important thing is that the light goes on and we proceed without hurting ourselves (or something we might run into).

I think of prayer much like turning on a light. There is all sorts of theology I could probably consider, and certainly there can be elaborate prayers and postures that accompany them. But the important thing is my reaching for God in prayer and letting the light illuminate me, my world, and my prayer intentions.

So simple. So vital.

This third week of Advent, think of the light that comes on each time you pray. Think of the simplicity of being able to “just be” with God. And let the glow surround you, nourish you, lead you.



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