Good Days…Bad Days With Maureen Pratt

CrecheforblogWow, I am behind. Behind in decorating, doing, and all else having to do with the holidays.  Too soon this Season, I’m feeling that bone-deep fatigue that comes with lupus, anemia (just found out about that), and activity.  Steer me clear of the furniture section of the stores! I’m a goner if I come within a few feet of a recliner!

There’s so much I still want to/have to do. Cards. Shopping. Rearranging. Trimming the tree. I feel a nap coming on.

Of course, for even the most able-bodied person, doing it all and perfectly is probably not possible. But for us, we lupies and others who have chronic illness and pain that wears us down. Well, with two weeks to go before Christmas, there are probably already many things that will be left undone.

And, I’ve decided in the wisdom that comes with lupus et al., that’s okay.

Keeping in touch with friends far and near can happen at anytime of the year – and probably at a more meaningful level.

Even the smallest creche can be a great addition to home, and provide that sense of the Season that we need.

Cooking, cleaning, rearranging to accommodate guests or a tree? Well, whatever can be done is just right!

And as for shopping, instead of fighting the mall traffic or spending countless hours cyber-buying, do only what you can and then let your body and budget rest.

This time of year is about so much more than running ourselves into the ground. No, it’s about lifting ourselves and our fatigued spirits up – up to Him, the spirit of Christmas, and the absolute wonder of how much He loves us, no matter how much we can or cannot do.


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