Maureen Pratt Author PicYou’ve probably read about many of the Saints and saints – those holy men and women who have been canonized in the Catholic Church, and those people who have lived exemplary lives of faith. All are inspirations for us – the things they accomplished against great persecution and odds!

But, have you read much in these saintly people’s own words? Would you know where to begin to find autobiographies, prayers, meditations, and other work in the Saints’ and saints’ own hands? No place like the Internet to find all this and more! From longer books (“The Confessions of Saint Augustine”) to messages given by  Saints such as Pope Saint John Paul II (, all it takes is a Google search and you’re on your way.

I’ve been tremendously inspired by the Saints and saints, but especially when I’ve read what they have written and said about the challenges that faced them in life, how (some of them) came to believe in Our Lord, and the sacrifices they made to follow the Way of the Cross.

November 1 is All Saints Day and November 2 is All Souls Day, a good time to reflect on the goodness and spiritual accomplishments of people who we consider to be Saints and saints. If you make an extra effort to read what they actually said, that good time will take on an even more profound meaning – and give you encouragement and inspiration for your journey.

Joy and peace,


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