Photo courtesy of koratmember/
Photo courtesy of koratmember/

Our hands are so very expressive! In our daily lives, our hands lifty, carry, work, and play. They soothe the aches of others, and they keep the beat during a particularly lively song.

Have you ever thought about how those same hands can help make your prayer more powerful?

You can punctuate your obedience to God by folding your hands and keeping them in your lap. You can put an emphasis on your praise by raising your hands high, to Heaven.

Your hands can be held palms up, to show you are ready to accept the abundant blessings and Word of God.

You can clasp another’s hands, to increase your feeling of fellowship and the strength that flows from it.

Above all, don’t sit on your hands when you pray! Use them to enhance those prayers in your heart. Heart and hands – lifted and open!

Joy and peace,


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