Maureen Pratt Author PicNo doubt about it, as I’ve aged, things that were easy to do are getting harder to accomplish. Oh, I don’t mean “major” things like hearing I have yet another diagnosis. I mean less major, but no less important, things like bending down to put away a mixing bowl, or reaching for a fresh roll of paper towels.

When I was first diagnosed with lupus, I had to rearrange my kitche to accommodate the new restrictions on my movement, but it’s been awhile since I revisited the kitchen or other areas of my life, where some things, once easy to do, are now more challenging.

Today might seem like anti-TLC, but in the long run, it’ll be tremendously “caring” of you to do. Ask yourself, “What one thing could I do to make one difficult task easier?”

Could you swap the items on high or low shelves to make them easier to handle? Could you reschedule your exercise time so that you’re not doing it when your more tired (our energy levels seem to shift as we age, too – at least mine have).

Take a little time to make life easier on yourself. You deserve it!

Joy and peace!

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