Did I ever tell you the story about the city of Atlanta taking down the “Men at work” signs from road construction over a complaint by the editor of a feminist magazine that it was discriminatory by not including women?

Is nothing too paranoid for the PC-eople? So THAT’S how men have been dominating civilization for thousands of years, by our ingenious master plan to brainwash humanity into believing men were superior by the insidious manipulation of roadsigns!

First of all, your dorkness, have you ever driven past road crews

The sign “Men at work” has NEVER been accurate. The signs should have read “SOME Men at work … most just watching.”

But it’s the word “Men” that has her aghast. Apparently some PC feminists believe the tradition of using the word man, as an all-encompassing word referring to “mankind” is impossible for uneducated women to grasp.

So they insult these women by demanding the word change, lest we as a society oppress them by expecting them to pick up a book now and again.

Men really could care less, but the three road workers who are female must have been devastated to find they were lumped into the insulting category of being part of the human race.

Those followers of the religion of Political Correctness are experts in the art of finding prejudice where it never existed before. It’s a cheap way to get power.

Heck even the word human could be manipulated into an insult on a slow day just to show the paranoid possibilities of the PC fundamentalists.

I’m waiting for the news story stating the word human is insulting to feminists because it has the word“man” in it and is secret code for “hu-man,” as in the Tarzan language of “yu-man?” “me-man too!”

I’m surprised feminists haven’t picked up on that yet. They could make a lot of money suing dictionaries for discrimination. A truly inclusive society would rename the word human to hu-person.

Notice that wherever men are slighted in culture by traditions slanted towards women, we never say a word. Proof, I guess, of men’s superiority when it comes to not whining. Feminists could learn from us.

Men aren’t asking all the great ocean liners named after women be renamed as males: (“What’s this Queen Mary nonsense, let’s call the ship King Fred!”) Why? Because we are more tolerant and enlightened?

No. Frankly we just don’t give a crap! Hurricanes are one of the most powerful forces on earth. Yet when we so honored women by only giving hurricanes feminine names, feminists found THAT insulting too, and now we alternate guy-girl hurricane names.

OK, so you don’t want to be associated with an unstoppable wind, but the great ocean going vessels are fine. What shortsightedness!

Political Correctness is unrelenting when it comes to idiocy. Fireman is now fire fighter. But policeman hasn’t changed. It will, the girls just haven’t figured out what to call them yet.

Policeperson sounds stupid even to them. Spokesman is now spokesperson, yet mankind isn’t people-kind. Waitress is server – because apparently everyone knows that just waiting on someone is MUCH more degrading then being his or her servant.

Folks, we need to be constantly diligent in not just calling them on this nonsense but destroying it. We can’t just comment on this junk, we need to actively eliminate it and quit buckling to these “victims” who thrive through extortion because they are incapable of persuading the masses.

How could they? Their ideas suck!

We must move forward without a pause or all will be lost, because everyone knows what happens when


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