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Remember when good moral character was at least contrived and manufactured by our celebrities via their P.R. people? If you were an alcoholic for example you had the courtesy to unleash your uncontrollable rage at home where it only affected your kids, but your fans were left to believe in your screen image.

That is before celebrities kids got cell-phones with video capabilities in order to film the rampage and sell it to the rags since celebrity kids have been taught all publicity is career enhancement, just spell my name right.

That is what our personality/celebrity driven society has decayed into. Drug addiction, believe it or not, didn’t used to be considered an upside to ones career and being sent to rehab wasn’t a great opportunity for a photo op or a reality show.

I miss the times when our celebrities were expected to at least give a nod toward integrity by faking it. Can you believe we actually lived in a time where celebrities who were having affairs hid it from the public so as not to ruin their career?

That’s right, the public expected them to act with morals and if you didn’t, you didn’t get to flaunt it, you were outta work. Now celebrities are running out of options when it comes to manufacturing illicit behavior in order to appear newsworthy.

They even make stuff up to garner press. Who would have conceived there was untapped profit waiting for you just by becoming gay for a few months? It works; ask Anne Heche or Lindsey Lohan!

Even more inconceivable was back in the day the press kept sins hidden so as not to make money off of others indiscretion. Babe Ruth was a womanizing philanderer and nobody said a word. Can you imagine the mileage a newspaper or magazine would get out of breaking the truth behind president John F. Kennedy’s dalliances? The dude went hunting dames and taxpayers subsidized it. No wonder post-modernists still lionize him, virility passes for character in their relativistic world and it’s the closest thing that has passed for testosterone by a liberal leader in decades.

But the real issue to be analyzed is what is more pathetic, that we used to hide our sins to create the illusion of moral mores or the fact that not only do we now publish them, the public doesn’t even give a crap. The reason we as a culture used to hide our sins was to create an environment of cultural norms that as a society everyone expected to abide by.

People in the past were not less deviant than people today but you had to pay a price for it, it was called shame. Shame actually worked as a societal deterrent by not necessarily instigating character but by reminding each of us what was expected of us.

Divorce used to be considered shameful and that alone could actually deter it. People were forced to count the cost of their marriage decision and it actually made them think twice before taking the easy way out and choosing not to honor their vows.

Sadly political correctness instituted a no shame policy when it came to sin so as not to make the sinner have to “feel bad”. Of course the feeling bad was the whole point. Relativism of course teaches that there are no bad decisions, just different ones.

The only thing one is made to feel bad about now is if you make someone else feel bad. Actually I can’t blame celebrities for behaving like children. Society has lionized them and they in turn have made it clear they are “artists” and as such owe the children that look up to them…nothing.

Dang I could of used this back when I was in elementary school and smarted off to teachers. Obviously their anger toward me was a clear case of antisocial-phobia, designed to stifle my creativity. I wasn’t disruptive, or hyper or out of control; I was just practicing to become a celebrity

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