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Liberals cuss…a lot! Cussing to a liberal doesn’t represent crassness or crudeness. How could it? To be crass and crude means one is kowtowing to a puritanical backward way of seeing culture. Liberals don’t believe in “The” Bible, they believe in “A” bible though.

The Constitution represents the progressive’s omnipotent scriptures. Don’t believe me? Progressive thought is what created the concept that the Constitution as a “living” document. Words that are “alive”, sound familiar Christian?

We believe the Bible to be God breathed revelation to humanity. The Word even became flesh and dwelt among us. I honor the Constitution because it drew its power from God and Natural law. I don’t worship it though and certainly don’t manipulate it to make it conform to my lifestyle choice.

The Bible contains life and is creative and powerful. To the progressive who has borrowed from Christians (what’s new?) they have applied this to the Constitution. They call it living because it allows them to reinterpret the meaning in order to fit their worldview and then be able to claim it was its intent all along.
Thus we end up back at cussing.
The first amendment whose main property was to provide freedom from government intrusion into our faith lives became “alive” and thus able in its animated state to claim that keeping religion out of the public square is what freedom of worship means. I know, I know, you have to be a tenured professor at Berkley to be that deluded but it is what it is.

The fact that freedom of speech to the progressive means there are no boundaries on decorum since decorum dictates moral absolutes and moral absolutes censors’ art. I KNOW ITS IDIOCY BUT I DIDN’T CREATE THIS LINE OF THOUGHT THEY DID! Don’t take it out on me! The result being you cannot go to a comedy club anymore and hear a night of curse-free comedy.

What used to be mandatory for a “T.V. set” which meant no cursing, now has gone the opposite direction and cursing is expected as a way to show the 14-22 year old demographic you’re hip. Even Comedy Central only seems to give half hour specials to the cursing class and find beeping the words the proof of their giving the public what it wants.

Jesus by the way is the de rigueur curse word of the liberal elite. These gas bags of relativistic BS who are obsessed with respecting all cultures and lifestyle choices except Christians find using the name Jesus in a profane way non-insulting to the hundreds of millions worldwide that consider the name sacred.

One wonder’s how they would feel if we suddenly began using their saviors name I vain. Hurting oneself or getting frustrated elicits the epithet “Bull-Obama!” or “Darwin yours”! Could perhaps open their eyes to their insensitivity. Not that it would be a perfect solution.
Jesus came to give life and die for the lost.

Relativists came to kill life and bring death to the innocent I.E. abortion on demand and “perpetrator as victim” mentality. Jesus on the other hand never hurt anyone other than those that don’t want it pointed out they are sinners and need to change their ways. Of course that concept is the progressives Waterloo, which is why they do everything in their legislative power to eliminate it.

To that I have only one response…Barack you.

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