In Oregon they have a new curriculum mandatory for all students from 11-18 yrs old called “practicality in life skills”.

This is a new class and somewhat unorthodox but as one teacher put it “ We as educators can do the most good for our students by helping them to be self sufficient without judgment or shame that is outmoded and frankly, abusive.”

Some have called it controversial because it teaches kids that stealing is wrong but for those that choose to steal they want them to be informed on how to do it without being arrested.

To be fair the curriculum does state that “getting a job” is the best way to avoid homelessness and jail time, but for those who are practicing robbery and theft there are some perimeters.

1) Choose areas that have little to no security, which would include charities, homeless shelters and Salvation Army donation centers.

2) Discuss your plan with your “partner” in order to be on the same page and assist each other equally in the responsibility for the heist.

3)Kids are being told to either abstain from theft or at least plan your crime well as both are
equally valid.

Now for those of you reading this that are shocked you need to know something…I made this up.
BUT there is a curriculum that NY city schools are implementing on sex-ed. It mentions abstinence but says “safe” sex is equally valid. It has curriculum tasks like pricing condoms and role-playing negotiating condom use with a partner.

It also will teach anal sex, mutual masturbation, oral sex and a referral to Columbia University site called “Go ask Alice” that informs them on sadomasochistic sex play, oral sex with braces, doggie style, fetishes etc.

My first segment on stealing showed an idiotic concept that a normal person would find ridiculous. Any initiative that taught stealing to kids is absurd which helps demonstrate what this sex-ed course looks like to open-minded conservative thought that places perimeters on desires because humans aren’t animals.

Ironically the sex-ed curriculum that liberal thought has created at one time would have been a jail sentence for someone teaching this garbage to minors but now passes for education.

No punch line here folks, just showing what the liberal mind has constructed as “good for society”. Half of America voted for a President that believes in this type of curriculum. I rest my case.

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