Today I received e-mail from my son’s high school involving a fundraiser for the marching band. Normally I wouldn’t admit this but my son was in the marching band last year and I am still on their mailing list.
When my son was born I put a baseball glove on his hand and fantasized about his professional career as an athlete. Little did I know that one day he would be on the football field not catching a pass but playing drums in a uniform that not only doesn’t involve a helmet, but has a hat that essentially tells everyone he comes across that he would like to be beaten up.

Actually I am joking of course. My son is a very talented drummer and I am extremely proud of his gift and his nerdiness. Nerds rule now and I want him to succeed in his God given giftedness.
The real reason I am writing this is that the e-mail I mentioned earlier said that they were selling “ Holiday Trees” and we better get our order in fast! So I did. I immediately responded and said this..
”Excuse me? Holiday trees? Do you mean Christmas trees? Please explain! Brad Stine”
Funny, no matter how hard I searched the Internet I couldn’t find ANY reference to a tree being used in December to celebrate Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanza or winter solstice. You know why?
Listen if you want to make MONEY off of my religious tradition, the least that can be expected is to dignify it by using it by its name. Either avoid all of what has become representative of Christmas elements like, trees, lights, tinsel, garland, gifts, wreaths, Santa, mistletoe, angels, candy canes, sleigh’s, jingling bells, caroling, ribbons and bows, and find your OWN STUFF TO HAWK or call it by its rightful name!
How we have reached a point where blatant disregard for the constitutional rights of Christians within the public sphere is so egregious and consistent that it amounts to bullying and extortion I don’t know?
Maybe we need a test to see what the Country would look like without Christmas?
I would love to propose a Christmas free society next year. Let’s let the atheist have December all to ourselves shall we? We must not buy 1 Christmas gift for anyone next year but instead give all we had planned on spending to a Christian charity. There must be no Christmas parades, no Christmas music on the radio, no Christmas tree lighting. No communities putting lights out on their homes and neighborhoods.
There can be no vacations for the kids and no paid days off for government workers. Lets let the atheists and the leftist anti-Christian bigots have what they deserve, a dark, and cold, meaningless, joyless, bunch of nothing. Lets let the Country see what atheism leaves a culture with, Handel’s Messiah? No, a crucifix in a jar of urine while they worship Barack Obama who Jamie Fox deemed “Our Lord and Savior” on a national awards show on television.
Christmas is a gift and if people don’t want it maybe we need to get it in the hands of those that do. Of course what makes it so beautiful is that when Jesus was given as a gift for humanity, he was spit upon. Never the less He allowed Himself to be abused by the unappreciative in order to give them something greater that they could afford.
So even though my nature wants to withhold it, and give the people what they deserve, my God asks that I would continue to give it away knowing full well that many will abuse it.
This is what Christianity is, and it’s also why I’m so bad at it. I wish you all a wonderful Advent season.
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