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Children aren’t born with manners. No, they have to learn them. In every area of life, from how to play nice with each other, how not to hit, or even how to eat in front of others. At the dinner table untrained children burp and talk with their mouth full. That’s why it is incumbent on adults to teach them the ways of polite society. Those of us adults that still believe in common cultural courtesy have to model for them good behavior. Unfortunately this seems to apply to many adults as well. Apparently, I’ve come to realize, I am the last man on earth to still use a turn signal every time I turn or change lanes, even if no one is behind me. Trying to model courteous behavior along with the fact that signaling is a law and is supposed to be utilized seems to be useless effort on my part but the principle of the thing warrants my continued observance. People who don’t use their turn signal’s are like children at the dinner table. Remember all behavior has consequences and sometimes it’s important to play bad behavior out to its logical conclusion in order to assess its ramifications. For example, what if ignoring all laws and/or courtesy became the new norm for all of our behavior? We just make it up as we go. Remember rudeness is pride, as in it’s all about me. To not signal is not only lazy, rude and illegal but it is dangerous. Now we all have to anticipate someone merging into our lane without giving us a heads up. What kind of an ego has convinced itself that a) they’re more important than us and b) we should become mind readers if we decide to drive our cars? Let’s apply this new principle in every case shall we? I know, from now on when we answer the phone how about no more of this obvious “hello” that we’ve been using all these years. Saying hello causes me to burn calories that I could have saved for something that had more to do with making me happier because after all isn’t that the point of life? Yes, from now on when the phone rings I will just pick it up and not say a word. Why should I? You know I’m there. Shouldn’t you be able to anticipate what I was going to say? You can start talking I suppose but I may swerve the conversation in another direction w/o warning and for no reason. Why? Because I am more important than you. You should be honored being in the same conversation with me let alone the fact that I have a lot on my mind and you are just in the way. I think that is why so many people believe in Neo-Darwinism even though it is counter intuitive to scientific reason and rational. How? Neo-Darwinism rationalizes and excuses selfish behavior; after all, all I’m trying to do is survive. Of course that would be a whole lot easier if you would use your turn signals now and again!

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