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In order to be a warrior in the battle for culture it is crucial that we begin to pick apart the pseudo-philosophies of the relativist not only so as to stand firm in our convictions but also to have the pleasure of seeing how stupid and vacuous what passes for enlightenment actually is. We start by taking bullet points and responding with reason not emotion. Get in this habit and you’ll do much to expose the evil that is relativism. Example;
Lets start with some basic sound bite philosophy of the left and see how it holds up shall we?
Here’s a classic,
“Nobody has the right to tell a woman what to do with her body.”
Most people stop there. I mean how can you argue such depth right?
The idiocy of the statement that the PCeople stand on assumes that this concept is self-evident. Who am I to tell you what is “right” for your body?
This somehow tries to separate our biological mechanics from our behavioral choices, as though your body is separate from your intentions.
Ironically the idea of limiting what your body is allowed to do is the basis for virtually EVERY law we have! Lets play this out in real time shall we?
Next time your speeding and get pulled over try this. First, call the cop an intolerant bigot for stopping you. Then say, “ how dare you tell my body how fast it can travel in a vehicle? Who are you to dictate to me the velocity my body chooses to move?”
When you get out of jail tell me how well that worked out for ya promise?
Don’t pay for groceries anymore either. Just take what you want and leave, when the store complains tell them they have no right refusing your body from sustenance.
Of course left-thought would counter that you are infringing on someone else’s body by taking what was rightfully theirs first. But whose body takes precedent and whose body makes the rules?
Of course anyone with a brain knows this isn’t accurate anyways since what you do with your body ends when it begins to affect my body; for example when my body decides to kill your body we usually rule that out as an acceptable body choice.
Next time you run into a relativist ask them by what philosophical grounds they use to tell me that if my body chooses to kill yours, I shouldn’t. They will reply it’s because what you do with your body is your choice until it harms or affects others bodies in a detrimental way.
At this point start your sly grin or in my case a smirk and then ask them when it was they became pro-life?
I live in a country whose intellectual “elite” argue for the right of a women’s body to kill another woman’s body as long as that other woman’s body is safely contained inside the aforementioned woman’s body.
Apparently first one out of the womb wins. The fact that we have in-vitro surgery for babies woman want, and yet at anytime this same woman can destroy this same child simply by changing her perception of it so as to change its name from child to choice is the single most evil law the United States has ever thought of conceiving.
Slavery is a close second of course yet that horrific chapter in our country at least allowed for most of them to live. This is the grand irony amongst the African-American culture. Talk about legal lynching. The amounts of black babies aborted in this country yearly alone outweigh every lynched black American in the Jim Crowe era.
Lastly if you have numbed your conscience to such a degree as to look away during this genocide at least have the dignity of not calling yourself a Christian. Also at the judgment seat please do me the honor of standing as far from me as possible. I’m barely getting in myself the last thing I need is getting hit with a few lightening bolts of collateral damage. But hey look at the bright side, at least in Hell you will hae the satisfaction of knowing it was your “choice”. …..P.S. (I eagerly anticipate the PCeople who will comment on this post, wrapping it around the idea that it is “inappropriate” and hateful. I give my fans a headsup to watch the censorship of politically correct people in action. Teehee)

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