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There was a protest I read about by women who felt that the law that only allows men to walk around in public with their shirts off is a sexist idea. The protest consisted of women holding placards while topless to get their message across. Have you noticed how often women protesters, in order to demonstrate their desire to be treated equally often use their naked bodies to get attention towards their cause in the hopes of getting their points across? (No pun intended)
PETA has used ads showing naked women in cages denouncing the plight of caged animals. It usually comes with some inspired message like “I would rather be naked then wear fur. Yes equating woman and animals is always the best metaphor for lifting up feminine humanity.
These protests normaly come under the social Marxist , ( I.E. bourgueoise/proletariat –oppressor/oppressed ) preconception that all human history is a man dominated social structure that is elitist, sexist and discounting of anyone else. In other words some women believe that history is only oppressive to women and that no woman is happy unless she is treated like a man. Now granted, there is no question that men rule the world when it comes to who is in the majority leadership positions as well as which gender tends to have a monopoly on public policy, laws and social norms. This is as it should be because the Bible tells us that God called men to be leaders of nations as well as our families, CAN I GET AN AMEN BROTHERS?!!!!
By far men have been used by God to create the most important documents, from the Bible to the Constitution, the Mayflower compact to 99% of all inventions and new ideas. This doesn’t mean women have not contributed immense value in society as well as science and literature because they have! No one disputes that nor would the world be as advanced as it has become without the insight, understanding and abilities of women throughout the ages.
This isn’t an observation on either gender being more important or necessary in completing or seeking to complete God’s redemptive process on the earth. I am well aware of my shortcomings and am grateful that my wife is my partner and co-equal in order to give me the feminine perspective on life. God even said man was not complete until women were created and then, and only then, did God say it “ is very good”.
But I do want to make women aware of one thing. I don’t care how noble your cause or how truthful your perspective may be, if you really care about your issue let me give you a tip from a male perspective. If you say or do anything while you are naked,… men aren’t listening. What we are doing is staring at your boobs.
Any in depth analysis or revelation you have is going to be lost on us as your nudeness is going to take precedence over your passion. Men love to look at naked women and it is why the porn industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that caters to men’s lust. The industry is aimed at men and our fallen nature to lure us into the sweetness of forbidden fruit. Women know this and yet some of them speak out of one side of their mouth demanding respect for their brains, and then are naïve enough to believe that baring their breasts is somehow empowering? By the way, have you noticed the men aren’t complaining?
Any and all true advancement in women’s issues came out of noble and virtuous women who demanded respect from their rational and reasonable dialogue’s, not from a halter top. So in the future if you are looking to instill respect and dignity to any cause touted by woman let me speak for all the men when I say that if you do it by parading around au naturel I promise you we aint listening, just looking.

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