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I have always been attracted to mavericks. It’s just the way I roll. One of the central themes to my speaking and performing as a Christian comedian is to drive home the point that we believers come in a lot of flavors. One of the “flavors” I have been a friend with for a few years now is Doug Giles. For those of you who thought I was on the edge you need to get a load of Doug. He has his own radio show called Clashradio and to this day is the only Christian radio interview I have ever done where the host uttered the phrase “kicked ass” and wasn’t referring to a donkey. Doug raised 2 girls, one of them named Hannah, is the girl that paired up with her friend and posed as a hooker looking for advice on getting underage girls into the country for prostitution. Their undercover video single handedly destroyed ACORN. His other daughter has her own website and a hunting show of her own. Doug has just come out with a new book “Raising Righteous and Rowdy girls” and I had to give it a looksee. This is not an updated version of the Proverbs 31 woman. Here we have a pastor, author, rabble rouser teaching Christian men his take on raising Christian girls. A Focus on the Family literary aid it is not. From the 1st chapter in making sure your daughter learns Jiu Jitzu to defend herself from creeps, to teaching her how to handle a gun, detect BS, avoid the date from hell, and how to drink appropriately this is not for the faint of heart. What I like about Doug is he is passionate about defending his girls when he is with them and when he isn’t. This is real life, pro-active, masculine driven Christian concepts that come in a real world, “earthy” context that doesn’t mince words or waste time cutting to the chase. Some Christians I guarantee will take issue with some of his conclusions where as others will find them illuminating. I love all the flavors of tribal members God calls to His service as I learn from everybody if I’m smart. It just so happens Doug’s flavor comes in a shot with a cigar chaser! If you are a Christian father of a girl, check it out and get ready to be de-wussified!!

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