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learned something quite revealing and disturbing about myself in recent times.
I have a real problem loving people I disagree with. I suppose that isn’t much
of a revolutionary concept in the end. I am sure everyone born with the same
affliction I have (being human) are in the same boat. The problem is that as a
believer in Christ I am not given the option of hating people.

of my few positive traits though is I have always been real good at introspection
and trying to look at myself for who I really am. When I began writing for Beliefnet
I found it an interesting and creative outlet to speak, sometimes humorously,
sometimes more straight ahead about my faith in the hopes of edifying and
inspiring the tribe with a different flavor than they are used to.

I was
told that the site wanted to showcase many various points of view in
articulating our faith and trust me I was gung ho as the Christian sub-culture
rarely allows for anything out of the orthodox box.

Sometimes though I began to see columns written that were not only outside my faith
perimeters but frankly confusing and even forgoing historically established
doctrines of our faith. This I will admit didn’t induce a hearty skepticism in
me or even a little anger for that matter; No I would have to define it more
accurately as downright fury! I was ticked!

interestingly enough this column isn’t about those columns; it’s about how they
made me feel. I am on a personal
journey of seeking to know Christ intimately. Not in my head mind you, I have
that pretty well established. I am missing him in my heart. The fully balanced
human that understands ideas are transcendent and the one time the God of the universe dimensionalised truth in order to
let us see God…we killed Him.

the Bible is clear on how to approach believers off the track and that is to
gently steer them back on course. This love is rare and yet it is the defining
behavior to a lost generation that is supposed to establish we are true

will admit that gently steering isn’t my forte. Especially when I realized that
I interpret those who claim my faith but deny it’s standard of immutable truth
and instead embrace culturally driven relativism as being in league with Judas…literally.

I see
what is in store soon for true believers in my country. Especially when “hate”
crime legislation is passed that will make equating certain behavior as Biblically
defined sin, will lead to fines and imprisonment. It is already underway in
Canada. The Christians that have embraced the “culture only” Christ without the
discipline of repentance will not be touched by these legislations because they
won’t stand up for any Christianity other than what the culture deems

is why I consider them traitors to the tribe. Yet, I am to gently nudge them
home. I don’t know how well I will accomplish this but God can change my heart
I have to believe. In the end the Christian I long to be won’t go down yelling
and screaming at my former family, but instead will hopefully express the most
beautiful of prayers. “Forgive them Lord, they know not what they do”.

for right now? I ain’t even close.

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