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I have complained about the lack of
turn signals being used in America in one of my DVD’s awhile back. (Which one
I’m unsure of as believe it or not I forget half the stuff I do on an old album
cause I’m always working on a new one.)

I was really flabbergasted though as
people even began stopping in the middle of the road to go left or right w/o a
signal. (Probably to make it more difficult to know which direction to pint
your head in order to yell at them in time?) But the other day I figured out
what started the lack of signals phenomenon. Do YOU know? Take a sec to guess
before I tell you….ready?………………………..cell phones!

People began holding the phone to their
ear and were unable, in mid conversation, to get to the signal. So…since
their conversation was more critical than common courtesy, safety, and obeying the law, a new narcissistic
pattern was inserted into society.

Phones used to come on cords which
accomplished two important things 1) kept you in the designated “phone
area” so I or anyone else in the restaurant / waiting area / checkout
line, weren’t subjected to your one-way conversation reminiscent of a drunk or
recently released schizophrenic. Cords were reminiscent of a leash to keep you from wandering all
over the neighborhood, but instead, to stay in your own area where others can
avoid your barking or having you pee on their lawn.

The other plus to the cord was it kept
you from carrying on a phone conversation while driving. I know it seems
nit-picky but I would just assume you focus on driving instead of your
conversation telling your friend what time you think you’ll arrive since YOU’RE


I find it telling that technology
constantly seems to provide for the individual while isolating and dismissing
the community. Making life easier and more convenient for me means how it
affects you becomes irrelevant. I promise you will never see me driving my car
while holding a phone to my ear; I have a hands free device! At least I always

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