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As of
this writing the GoFish song Christmas with a Capital C is one of the most
requested songs on Christian radio. This song sampled my Christmas rant from
“Put a Helmet On!” and has well over 14 MILLION hits on YouTube. The song and
my routine is simply a response to the politically correct nonsense that has
essentially censored the age-old American tradition of celebrating Christmas in
stores, schools and businesses.

course “Christmas” itself is not being censored in that there is still a break
given to school kids nation wide that has somehow morphed into a celebration of
snow and winter, because after all, who doesn’t feel all warm and fuzzy inside
when they see slush and freezing rain? It is the use of the word Christmas and
its religious connotations that are being erased of course. The fact that we
still have stores selling gifts, ribbon, trees, wrapping paper, tinsel, stars,
ornaments, and the green and red theme colors is a sad testimony to what
political correctness does to truth.

though all of these items are here ONLY because of Christmas, (not Hanukah or
Kwanza or Ramadan) they pretend it isn’t there and by doing so it will force it
to disappear. My beef with this fascism in the name of sensitivity by the way
is not saying we shouldn’t be respectful of non-Christians and dissenting
viewpoints. My problem was that this tradition has existed for well over 150
years in America. It is not about forcing non-Christians to celebrate
Christmas, it is the fact that it has been taken away from everyone. Removing
something that always was is a far cry from forcing it on others.

could quibble about the immaturity and lack of tolerance from the small
minority that is apparently outraged and traumatized by a dogmatic religion
that would pound us over the head with such intolerant a concept as “Peace on
earth good will towards men” when it suddenly occurred to me. Christmas is a gift.

is a celebration of God almighty humbling Himself towards His creation in
creating an opportunity for humanity to be restored to fellowship with its
creator. Yet even from its inception there were those that refused the gift.
Those who want the grace and forgiveness and love but are adamant that they
want nothing to do with repentance, humbleness, and sanctification.

has happened in America is a natural outcropping of the fallen man and his
rebellion. We will accept God in small doses and only under the caveat that we
get to decide who God is and what role He will be permitted to affect our
behavior. We have the proof even in some Christian denominations that have kept
the Jesus of “love” as long as love doesn’t conflict with the new cultural norm
of morality. They allow the culture to define their faith instead of the
purpose of Christianity and Christmas in redeeming culture.

Jesus love us all, you bet. Does love mean no perimeters for our choices? No.
That is actually called hate. To allow someone to make choices that are
repulsive to God without GENTLY and humbly steering them toward freedom isn’t
love at all.

guess what I’m saying is Christmas will never leave America. It will be
celebrated by churches and in the homes of Christ followers who can decorate
all they choose (for now). We are to offer the gift of Christmas to everyone
and yet allow him or her the option to opt out. I feel sorry for America
though. It was at one time such a beautiful tradition for us all. We are post
modern now folks and secular, and so now we are to draw inspiration from
holiday tree’s and freezing snow and wind to truly bring us as a nation
together. What a gift we’ve been given huh? P.S. watch Brad co-starring in the
film “Christmas with a capital C” with its world premiere Sun night Dec 5th
on the Gospel Music Channel!

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