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I am shocked to say that slavery is still alive
and well in America. The culprits, exactly who you would least suspect, the
“alleged” animal rights activists. Animal rights activists always entertain me
with their lack of consistency. I am not a big animal lover but I also believe
they are not to be abused or mistreated.

This is the same message you would get from an
animal rights activist because the animal rights activists are the geniuses
that coined the phrase “species-ists”. I know, I know, it sounds like a punch
line at best or at least a frightening term one would find in a science fiction
book from George Orwell. Right up there with big brother and thought police.

Unfortunately the problem is it is all too real.
There are humans that believe that being
human is in no way superior to being non-human even though humans are the only
species with the capability of making that distinction. Dogs don’t since even
though they’re “smart” they still sniff each other’s butt. Seems like it
shouldn’t take more than once to know what a butt smells like and to avoid it
at all costs? Plus wouldn’t that be
something your “memes” would pass on as soon as possible Dr. Dawkins?

I don’t blame animals of course since all
they’re looking for is three steady meals. The problem as I see it and lets
face it, I’m the only one that matters at this point, is the moment you take a
wild animal out of it’s environment and teach it to act contrary to its
instincts. It is precisely at this moment that you are acting inhumanely since
you are controlling its autonomy.

Lets analyze the human/pet interaction and see
what it looks like shall we? The animal lover always speaks about the pet in
loving terms and assures us “they’re like one of the family”. They oftentimes
refer to the pet as “just like their children”. Really? You need someone to
guide your analysis a bit.

First off you OWN an animal, you get to
sterilize it in the name of compassion, you can sell off its young whenever you
want to make money, you can have it killed without penalty, and command it to
obey your bidding, including the ultimate indignity, telling it where it is
allowed to relieve itself. That makes pet owners sound more like a slave owner
than a humane individual.

Precisely why your called “master” I assume. A
true animal lover should be releasing their cats into the wild so they can
regain their killer instincts. Don’t coddle a poodle but teach them to assume
the fierceness that poodles lost when they were removed from the pack and their
fur went from a thick armor designed to fend off attacks to carefully coiffed
sweater-like appearance designed to make them represent a walking Q-tip.

We live in a time where animal rights fanatics
will always stop any human progress of building or seeking energy if it in
anyway inconveniences an animal or for that matter a moth or a mollusk.

Animals in their world aren’t treated as well as
humans but actually better than us. A
whale ends up on our beach we’ll spend thousands returning it to the sea. We
fall into the sea, the creatures eat us. Ironically they call our treating
animals gingerly being humane. You know, from the word human.

That’s my point after all. The fact that we
discuss how to treat animals proves we are superior to them because I guarantee
animals in the Serengeti aint having this conversation. They treat us animally
because they are beneath us since they posses no compassion.

All I’m asking is to be consistent and do the
humane thing by setting them free and letting the strong survive. If for know
other reason than I have got to see what a pack of poodles looks like in their
hunt for their former groomer. He’s going down!

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