So I’m sitting at home minding my own business ( who else’s business should I be minding while sitting at home?) when Beliefnet contacts me and asks me if I would care to blog for them. Normally I would think this was a scheme perpetrated by an editor who after a tequila binge thought it would make for a funny story to call me and act as though they were fans all the while trying to stifle their laughter. See I have read Beliefnet many times and really enjoyed the site. What blew me away was that they were serious. One wonders how bad things have gotten when a well respected website of “all things spiritual” has to resort to a Christian/comedian to bring a fresh perspective to the trials and tribulations of Christians in America. In other words how low does God have to stoop in order to get His message to the masses?

You see my friend’s I’m neither a theologian nor a prophet, neither am I a Dr. or a pastor. I am a comedian, a layman and a moron…. I’m like you! A regular guy trying to finish this crazy race called faith without running out of breath and puking on the side of the road too often.

So let me introduce myself, my name is Brad Stine. I have been a professional stand-up comic for 20 years now and deliver my comedy with bullet point demagoguery for my people from the Judeo/Christian worldview. (Just like my title said coincidentally) I have been seen on HBO, Showtime, NBC Nightly news, ABC Nightline, Glenn Beck, Hannity & Colmes, CNN, Fox and Friends Fresh Air on NPR and had a 10 pg profile about me in the New Yorker magazine. (They are the ones that dubbed me God’s Comic by the way) If you are not familiar with my comedy that is fine since I have 5 DVD’s out plus 2 books so you can buy them to catch up with my talents, which has the added bonus of allowing me to feed my kids.

If you are familiar with my work then you are already laughing out loud wondering how long it will take for Beliefnet to become aware of my incompetence and fire me. (I give it 6 months tops) My plan is to speak to you guys through this column about general observations that annoy me as well as social commentary and items that are newsworthy as well. All of this will hopefully be humorous with a dash of sarcasm and a pinch of irreverence. I will always battle Political Correctness as I despise its philosophy more than any I have ever come across. I want to watch Political Correctness die in my lifetime…but first..I want to watch it suffer! I also want to show that Christians can use the same tools of comedy i.e. sarcasm, edginess etc as the secular comic and make a point without using curse words or gratuitous sexual references which has become the status quo in the comedy club circuit.

So in conclusion if you are a Christian or a seeker or just someone who enjoys different points of view and are tired of the atheists (Bill Maher) the left leaning liberals (Jon Stewart) the intellectually fascist academics (Richard Dawkins) or the legalistic evangelicals (take your pick) having all the fun get a load of me! Who knows you might enjoy it and learn something? If not have no fear, come back in 6 months and tell Beliefnet you told them so!!

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