Gamestop recently decided to open up every new copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, remove a coupon to play the game for free using PC streaming service OnLive, and then sell the game to you as if it were brand new. They then offered up a trite, completely unsatisfactory explanation on their Facebook page. People were understandably ticked, and many of them wrote some fairly entertaining things. Here are the Top 10 quotes from their Facebook  page.

Hey GameStop! I wanna return my copy of Halo2. It IS opened and everything, but the disc condition is guaranteed new! Take my word for it! – Ron

I can’t figure out what’s more appalling. That people defend this behaviour…or that people still shop at GameStop. Paying full price for a Pre-Scratched Employee Owned® edition was never my bag. – Zack

But Gamestop, your ruining the new game smell! – Craig

I just purchased this game with OnLive. Thanks for the heads up, GameStop – Ryan

how would you like it is the supermarket opened your cereal and took the toy inside? – Brian

God, game packages are hard enough to open. As far as I’m concerned, Gamestop just saved me the trouble. – Luke

I hope the people at gamestop brought their nerd-rage shields – Ethan

Does GameStop have a PR department? If so they should try consulting them next time they try to steal from paying customers. I’m sure they would have informed them that it is…ah…like bad and stuff. – Luke

Silly people, Gamestop are for soccer moms and “easy to scam” teenagers. – Vergel

I liked your page just so I could say that I will no longer be your customer due to your OnLive code yanking. – Bryce


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