In honor of the 10 million Americans – mostly women – who suffer from the chronic pain disorder fibromyalgia, I want to share some of these beautiful “breath prayers.”  Today is National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, a perfect time to send healing thoughts to those who suffer from what can feel like unrelenting pain, soreness, fatigue, and even despair.

This gallery of Breath Prayers for Fibromyalgia is kind of “faith-y,” meaning it’s God-centered.  But you can easily substitute “Goddess,” “Universe,” “The One,” or anything else that might be meaningful to you.  The idea of breath prayers is that the simplest, most powerful messages are those that flow with our breath.  Pain flows out, love flows in.  For fibromyalgia patients, breath praying is often an amazingly helpful technique, and hopefully on National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day it can bring some relief into your life or the life of someone you know and care about.

Breath Prayers for Fibromyalgia
By Claudia Mair Barney

When you feel like no one “gets” your very real pain and fatigue, pray with all the courage you can muster: God, you know.

When fibro fog hijacks your brain, take a deep breath and pray: God of wisdom, help me to think clearly.

If having fibromyalgia has rent your heart in two, whisper to God through your veil of tears: Heal my broken heart, O God.

Click here for fibromyalgia breath prayers, and share your thoughts on National Fibromyalgia Awareness Day.


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