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Every morning we give you a little bite-sized bit of wisdom, a tip, or some inspiration to start your day. The idea is that every day is a new opportunity to step into your life, be present, and begin again; morning as metaphor, but also a very real thing we can smell, hear, see, taste, and almost touch.

Even though this news is old as the sun, somehow it can get lost in the busyness and chaos of long, full days and nights. So we are here to remind ourselves and you to continually arrive in the fresh, open moment. And do things like eat breakfast, loll in bed, and mull over dreams.

So when Holly just pointed out that this is our 200th Fresh Morning post (thanks!), I thought I’d round up a few of our favorite reminders of the peaceful potential of morning–how we can use that quiet time to plant seeds for our days and lives.

Thank you so much for reading, and enjoy. Many blessings for many fresh mornings to come.

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