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We hope you all have a healthy, happy, grateful Thanksgiving! We’ll be posting lightly over the next couple of days but will be back on Monday. Meantime, some very, very basic reminders for keeping yourself fresh over the weekend.

1) Breathe. Family member asking why you’re having seconds? Or bragging about her kids, or subtly putting you down, or trying to pick a fight or any other of a thousand potential lures? Go back to your breath. Focus on it going into your nostrils, feel the cool air enter and exiting. Try for three nice smooth secretly soothing ones–and then speak. Or not.

2) Stay in Your Body. To not overstuff, just ask your self every once in a while–“How does my body feel?” And do a scan: head, throat, heart, arms, hands, belly, groin, legs, feet. Wiggle your toes.

3) Find the Pleasure. What’s your favorite thing about Thanksgiving, even if you’re not such a fan? Find it and really notice it. Cranberries? Pumpkin pie? Let yourself fully taste them. Love playing with the kids in your family? Notice your joy. And you can be like, “Hi, joy!” This will buffer you from the tougher moments if there are any.

Peace to you and yours!

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