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Fires in the Los Angeles area have “killed two firefighters, destroyed at least 21 homes and forced thousands of evacuations,” according to an Associated Press article. Really sad and scary. That same article quoted a resident who came home to find […]

With today being the actor/activist/Buddhist’s birthday, thought I’d trot out an interview I did with him for Beliefnet last year. I’m not usually starstruck (ok, maybe I just wish I wasn’t), but when his voice came over the phone my first […]

As you read this, I am literally on vacation, but if you’re going about your usual daily routine in a non-vay-cay-way, I wonder if you might like to try putting on “vacation mind” this morning to see if it can […]

So I just signed up for a full-on weekend of chanting and kirtan at Omega Institute’s “Ecstatic Chant” festival over Labor Day. Yay!  To some the idea of chanting variations on “hare krishna” and other Hindu chants for three days straight may […]

We just posted a gallery by Ariane De Bonvoisin called “How to Really Say ‘Sorry.’” I comissioned the piece because it’s something so many of us struggle with. Sometimes it’s hard to apologize because we don’t feel like we’ve done […]

I just found this lovely, simple morning meditation on the site An excerpt (ok, well, most of it): …In a seated pose, focus on your breath. Cultivate a steady, relaxed breath. Then ask yourself: What is my intention today? […]

I feel blessed to have the coolest friends evah. I just clicked over to my gal Jennifer’s blog, called Reminders 2 Be Present, and she’s showing the latest progress on her handmade wool bracelets. She’s an artist and teacher and makes beautiful, […]

My blog brother Rabbi Brad Hirschfield wrote a post this morning called “Senator Kennedy Did NOT “Lose” His Battle with Cancer.” Amen. I saw that New York Times headline myself today and it made me cringe.  It’s no secret that our culture is all about winning, […]

Later today, I’m driving out to outer Cape Cod for vacation, but first I have a stop to make–in Hyannis.  The fact that just as I’m arriving, the funeral procession carrying Senator Ted Kennedy’s body is leaving is a coincidence.  […]

Sigh. A while ago, my friend Jenn from the Tiny Choices blog expressed skeptism that SIGG bottles were all that safe, preferring to sip from glass or stainless steel. But I was like, “Oy, really? Another thing to worry about? […]