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8dorothy_rain.jpgIf you’re in the Northeastern U.S. today, you’re wondering when London came calling–weather-wise anyway.  Just outside my window it’s cold, raw, wet, foggy, and…um…cold. 

It’s a particular challenge to find happiness on a gray day, but I think we can do it.  There is joy to be had on a rainy day, and together we can find it.  Here are 25 ways to start.

How to Stay Happy on a Rainy Day 

1.  Listen to songs about rain, starting with Valerie’s fabulous playlist.

2.  Make a cup of tea and breathe in the steam.

3.  Stare out the window and daydream.

4.  Close your eyes and listen to the tappity tap of raindrops.

5.  Go outside and find a good splashin’ puddle.

6.  Notice how the rain darkens garden soil and greens up garden plants.

7.  Clean your kitchen and enjoy its sparkle.

8.  Slow down.

9.  Don a brightly-colored rain slicker, boots, and/or umbrella.

10.  Watch a comfort movie.

11.  Play a board game.

12.  Bake bread.

13.  Bake brownies.

14.  Write letters or emails to friends you miss.

15.  Invite neighbors over for a rainy day happy hour.

16.  Organize your bookshelves and pick an unread book to start.

17.  Take a soothing lavender bath.

18.  Paint a clay pot with a cool, colorful design.  When it dries, plant herb seeds in it.

19.  Set a mason jar outside and measure how much rain is falling.

20.  Stand on a beach and watch the rain fall on water.

21.  Visualize the rain cleansing everything it touches.

22.  Keep joints fluid with pigeon pose or other hip-opening yoga poses.

23.  Hang out with a little kid; they don’t have adults’ weather biases.

24.  Embrace it.  Decide that it’s beautiful.

25.  Look forward to tomorrow and many sunny days thereafter.

Please add to this list: how do you stay happy on rainy days?  (Northwestern U.S. readers, I’m looking in your direction!)

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