Top 10 Comfort Movies


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Top 10 Comfort Movies

Comfort Movies

By Nell Minow

Bad cold? Feeling a little flu-ish? Crawl into bed, get lots of rest, drink lots of fluids, and settle back with some cinematic chicken soup and some motion picture penicillin--also known as comfort movies.

The setting for the ideal comfort movie should not be too hot or too cold as that can be a distraction to those with fevers or chills. The plot should not be too complicated or too exciting in case you doze off a little. And while it does not have to be a comedy, it does have to be upbeat and cheerful because laughter can decrease blood pressure and boost your immune system. That means a comfort movie can not only help you get better faster; it is good preventative medicine. So pull up the covers, pop in some DVDs and enjoy these prescriptions from Dr. Movie Mom.

Nell Minow blogs as Movie Mom.


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