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pistachios2.jpgAgain? It was spinach, then peanuts, and now pistachios. After a batch of trail mix tested postive for salmonella, about a million pounds of the apparent pistachio culprit were recalled from stores. And consumers are now on “pistachio watch.” According to a CBS news article, “Right now, the FDA is advising Americans not to eat pistachios but not to throw away their pistachios either. Basically, people should hold on to their pistachios until the FDA knows more about which products are affected.” Sigh. This is a serious issue. But pistachios? Extra sad–they are so yummy.

What is up with our food supply? It’s a question lots of people are discussing these days–how factory farming and other issues are contributing to these kinds of problems. Sort of makes you want to grow a veggie garden just like the White House is doing–though maybe with some nut trees too.

Here’s an interesting article on food contamination by Michael Pollan.

What do you make of these recent food recall events? Do you think there’s a bigger problem or just better and more testing?  

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