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This hilarious, beautiful “chant” is from Sadie Nardini, one of the fiercest, funnest yoginis around.

How gorgeous a video game idea is “Flower?”  In it, you are a flower petal, and the object of the game is to float through an ever-changing landscape of growing things.  There’s no way you can “die” in this game–in …Read More

Therese Borchard’s fun, snarky collection of fear-busters teaches us that fears will leave you alone if you don’t take them too seriously.  So try some of these out on your fears today and see if they won’t take a hike: …Read More

Holly, I feel you and your sniffles! I’ve caught every little bug this year (thanks, stress!). But, in general how I kick a common cold is the following (oh and I am sooo not a medical professional, so definitely check with your doctor …Read More

Quick, help!  Sore throat/runny nose emergency!  I need your ideas for how to kick this cold out of Dodge, like NOW. I wouldn’t be so alarmed about a winter sniffle, except that I am scheduled to visit my newborn nephew …Read More

From Victoria Moran, Beliefnet’s incredibly talented Life Coach blogger: “I don’t always bound out of bed with grand expectations about the day ahead, but when I can hear my grandmother saying, ‘This is a day the Lord has made: I will rejoice …Read More

A couple of weeks ago when I was recovering from bronchitis, my lips were so chapped they were ready to fall off–it hurt to smile. For days I had been addictively applying my Aveda lip balm and some other health food …Read More

It’s shaping up to be an interesting week in health news.  Here are 3 tidbits that jumped off the (web)page at me: A daily glass of wine–or any other alcoholic drink–is a major health risk for women.  According to a …Read More

The poet Robert Brault said, “I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar.” Think about your friends today.  What makes them “cherished” rather …Read More

What better way to celebrate the official launch of Fresh Living than with a fun acrostic to guide you through our posts (so far)!  Check it out, and add your own in the comments.  How do you “Live Fresh?” Find …Read More