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How gorgeous a video game idea is “Flower?”  In it, you are a flower petal, and the object of the game is to float through an ever-changing landscape of growing things.  There’s no way you can “die” in this game–in fact, there’s no “win” or “lose” at all.  It’s just about being free in a beautiful place.  Like a virtual reality meditation.  It reminds me of the attraction “Soarin'” at Epcot Center, where you float and swoop and glide through landscape after landscape. 

Loveliness for loveliness’ sake.  What’s not to like?

Check out the video below, where the game’s developers describe “Flower” as “a video game version of a poem.”  I can certainly see why’s Chris Suellentrop bought a Sony PlayStation just so he could play it.  And even though I’m so not usually this person, I actually signed an online petition to convince Nintendo to make the game available for the Wii system (which I have).  Because I want to play!

Have you played Flower?  Is it as pretty as it looks?

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