10:40: Settling in to eggs, toast, and pilfered Easter candy. Oh, NOW the dog wakes up.

10:48: Not only does the queen look wonderful in yellow, but it seems a symbolic choice, like she has high hopes that this union will turn out better than the marriages of 75% of her own offspring.

10:52: Commoner Michael Middleton is about to see his daughter transform from Kate the Commoner to the Princess of Wales! 2 sips of tea.

10:58: Realizing that I’ve been staying awake pretty much just to see the dress, and not the wedding. Am I really that shallow?

11:00: Yes, I really am that shallow. What a beautiful bride. And the sun is now shining.

11:06: It’s nice to see them whispering together at the altar. They’re going to face a lifetime of private jokes to get through state occasions, so why not start early?

11:08: Love this hymn. Highly singable and with a great text, which you certainly can’t say for all Anglican hymns.

11:10: I’m going to stop blogging after “dearly beloved,” and try to remember that this is church. Otherwise I will start critiquing the archbishop’s mitre alongside all the other hats. Best wishes, William and Kate. May you have a sustaining and strong marriage.

11:34: OK, I admit I am surfing the Web instead of listening to the Bishop of London. Kate Middleton’s Wikipedia page has already changed from “Kate Middleton” to “Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.” Jeepers, that was fast.

11:38: Have replaced the Easter candy I stole from my daughter. Watching a church service made me feel sinful.

11:40: Husband just came downstairs and requires explanation of royal proceedings.

11:44: Gosh, the screen just went black after “Ubi Caritas.” I think someone at ABC just got fired.

11:48: My all-time favorite British hymn! “Jerusalem” . . . .

11:52: Phil wants to know why we didn’t hire those trumpeters for our wedding. Maybe because our entire wedding budget cost two thousand dollars, including food? There’s that. Twenty years later, we continue to be proud cheapskates.

11:52: I guess the queen is exempt from singing “God Save the Queen.” It would be a bit unseemly.

11:55: It’s so much more fun to watch this recap of the best moments with Phil. He thinks Prince Harry looks like he just woke up.

12:02: Charles and the Duchess of Interlopers seem to be changing seats. Oh, did I say that?

12:04: Signing off. Here in the former colonies, we don’t get the day off, and it’s time to get ready for work. Good luck, Kate and William!





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