Flight of the Soul

Take this moment to seize the opportunity to own what you need to own, to fearlessly step into the unknown, growing into the grounded darkness of your truest self.

Prepare for the Blossoms

Mark TODAY to nourish the dreams of the heart.

Affirm It 

I gently nourish my most loving ideas

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Wisdom Teaching

The world was made to be free in, to fully embody the grace of god in each activity and now is the time to grow into the fullness of your amplified expression. Sometimes the concept of awakeness needs to flourish and flood your heart for the ecstatic expression to blossom. We, in each of our expressions, must be awake to the joy of flight, the breath of life, and the experience of authenticity alive in each moment.

May you know peace and happiness and may you always be welcomed with love.

Love, Mel


Melanie Lutz is a Writer. Director. Producer. All Systems Love Activist.

Mel motto:

Love deeply

Practice kindness

Laugh often

Give generously ⚡️

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