Flight of the Soul

Let go of any anxiousness, let go of any judgments, let go of your tired, heavy, boring, stories.

Create a New Story

All acts in the world begin in the imagination. It’s Time. Let any story that no longer serves the deeper peaceful-ness of your being fall away. Step into the next possibility of the greatest expression of your wholeness

Affirm It 

I breathe in peace and breathe out love.



“Ever since the Cognitive Revolution, Sapiens have thus been living in a dual reality. On the one hand, the objective reality of rivers, trees and lions; and on the other hand, the imagined reality of gods, nations and corporations. As time went by, the imagined reality became ever more powerful, so that today the very survival of rivers, trees and lions depends on the grace of imagined entities such as the United States and Google.”― Yuval Noah Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind
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May you stop bringing the past into the present and experience a future free of any patterned story that no longer serves.

Love, Mel


Melanie Lutz is a Writer, Director, Producer, All Systems Love Activist.

Mel motto: Love deeply Practice kindness Laugh often Give generously ⚡️

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