Flight of the Soul

i love you melanie lutz heart cut out Mels Love Land (11)In a world where you can be anything. Be kind. Be kind to yourself, and those you meet. You have a choice. Encourage success allowing others to experience the joy of what is possible in their lives.
Encourage Success
Words can be the most deadly or can be a wellspring of inspiration. You choose.
Affirm It
I hear all the things people to me say as encouraging words spoken in love for my highest good.
Care Bare Kindness Hearts

Standing in the breech in this Land that we Love. There is a deep loving moral outrage waking up. Don’t stay asleep for the revolution. There is an inner light in each of us that connects the hearts of our citizens remembering its power, its greatness, in our organizing with deep loving moral outrage that is now standing in the breech, creating a collective heart centered field of possibilities with the courage to see beyond the veil, leaning into our interconnected faith as we move forward with more love, kindness and grace than we practiced yesterday.

Through which the Ecstatic currency of connectivity bridges the invisible pathways of the heart.

May you always Be inspired. May you Be loving. May you Be You free from the constraints of what other people think.
Love, Mel

Melanie Lutz Camera Self Portrait CMDC

Melanie Lutz is a Writer, Director, Producer and All Systems Love Activist.

Mel motto:

Love deeply

Practice kindness

Laugh often

Give generously ⚡️

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@MobileMel on Twitter.
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