Flight of the Soul

Vanessa by the Sea shares the working relationship between Melanie Lutz and her therapist using the road by the ocean as a metaphor for the unconscious inspiring life’s greatest lesson, no matter what the question, love always remains the answer. In this That’s How the Story Goes first look.


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Every work has its origins, that space in the unconscious where something wants to be born, some sharing of an inner experience or a story or an insight that won’t go away.  Each writer has an entry point with their work, whether it is a personal experience, a chance encounter or a soul opening lightning strike of destiny.

Each of us has our teachers, those souls we are indeed changed in their presence. Vanessa by the Sea dives into the working relationship between me and my therapist joined together in weekly therapy sessions to heal and grow and uncover the truth of love. It is the continuing conversation started in my first book, THE BARE MELCESSITIES: walking out. waking up. getting bare.

Vanessa by the Sea Book Light Release Ceremony!

Vanessa by the Sea: Book One Love Always Remains the Answer goes into the session room to talk love and explore openness, compassion and remembering, showcasing the deeper river of humanity’s destiny, returning to love.
Lots of Love, Mel